Monday, June 25, 2012

2012 Summer Breeze 5k

June 23, 2012 7:30 AM
Charlotte, NC

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 21:27 6:54 M1-14 3/18 81/318 90/661 304
Alicia 30:55 9:57 F1-14 8/18 155/343 412/661 302
Malissa 31:43 10:13 F30-34 44/71 176/343 439/661 303

Written by Owen

Kyle and I decided to sit this one out.  I just ran a marathon the previous weekend and have another one in a couple of weeks.  Kyle doesn't enjoy running 5k's quite as much as the rest of us.  So we enjoyed cheering on the rest of the family.

This race does the start a little different than most.  The girls start at 7:30, then the boys don't start until 8:00. I don't care for this format because it caused me to miss the start of Michael's race (since Malissa and Alicia were finishing around that time a couple of blocks away.)

Malissa and Alicia at the starting line

Just before the start of the girls' race.
After Michael, Kyle, and I watched the girls start, we hung out at the starting line for 10 minutes or so, then Kyle and I wished Michael good luck and headed to the finish line.

Kyle wasn't sure which way to go??
Kyle and I hung out at the finish line and watched everyone finish.  Michael did a great job in the heat to come within a minute of his PR (I told him beating it would not be wise in this heat.)  Alicia also came within a minute of her PR.  I'll let Malissa tell her story below.

Malissa and Alicia after their race.
Here's a compilation of video I took at the race:

Written by Malissa:

I signed up for this race back in May (when the weather was cooler) in hopes to break 30:00. At the time it was just going to be Michael and I running. Alicia has been wanting to run a race by herself so early June Owen signed her up for this one. I was reluctant, I was worried she might go out too strong and then have trouble later on in the race. I knew that if for some reason she was struggling, there was no way I would be able to pass her.

I struggled with training for this race. I enjoy speedwork but the humidity was getting to me. We were out of town the week before the race and I didn't make the time to train much. The day before the race I was still wanting a sub 30 but knew realistically I was asking for a little much since I didn't train as hard as I should have. I decided that if a 9:40 the first mile felt easy then I would go for it but if I struggled then I would just go for a PR.

 I wanted to stick as close to Alicia as I could so I could keep an eye on her too. At the start it was already 75 degrees and felt like 100% humidity. Early on in the race I was having a hard time catching my breath. I caught up to Alicia and as soon as she saw me, she took off. She was determined to run this race by herself! Then all of a sudden I saw her trip and fall. Looks like she has my gracie jeans! I was so glad that I wasn't too far behind her and was able to help her up. She was embarrassed and was trying to fight back the tears. I asked her if she wanted to stop for a second but she said no and took off running. That was the last time we ran together. I could see her in the distance but could not catch up with her.

I struggled my second mile. It was really hot and I wanted to walk so bad but was determined to at least get a PR. The only thing that helped me pick up the pace was I was determined to get away from this guy who was breathing really loud. It was driving me crazy! It seemed like every time I picked up my pace so did he. I guess in the end I'm glad he was there because I might not have gotten a PR. By the time I crossed the finish line I was so overheated and felt like I was going to throw up! Even though I didn't get my sub 30 I'm proud of the minute I shaved off my time.

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