Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Written by Malissa:

I've been doing a bunch of speedwork lately. I'm working on getting my 5k time down. I will be running a 5k for myself, for the first time since October. Lately the humidity is getting to me and I'm having a hard time staying motivated. Tonight I had 8x400's and Alicia wanted to run them with me. I just love my girl to pieces. She has Owen's drive and determination and is the perfect running partner for me. After my 4th 400 I was ready to call it a night, she was so sweet and said, "you can do it Mommy." I made it through the last 4. Guess I just needed a little boost from my girl.

She's still a little faster than me on the short runs. Once I focused in on her cute little ponytail going back and forth I was able to keep up with her a little better.

I'm so thankful she loves to run. I look forward to running with her as she gets older. I wonder what will be her favorite distance.