Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012 Peachtree Road Race 10k

July 4, 2012 7:30 AM
Atlanta, GA

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 44:45 7:12 M1-14 16/1,044 1,145/29,098 1,310/57,754 A3815
Owen 44:59 7:14 M35-39 159/3,338 1,203/29,098 1,375/57,754 A3816

Written by Owen:

Last year's Peachtree was so much fun, we just had to do it again. Last year I didn't get to run with Michael because I hadn't officially qualified for the 'A' corral like he had.  So I was super excited to run this one with him.

We made a quick trip out of this race since we are doing so much travelling this summer.  We drove down Tuesday afternoon, ran the race Wednesday morning and were back home in Charlotte by 3pm in time for a great 4th of July celebration at our neighbors' house.

We booked our hotel at the same hotel I stayed at for the Publix Georgia Marathon in March. For that trip I stayed by myself, but noticed the hotel was dog friendly and had great access to MARTA (train station).  Bringing our dog, Graycie, on a trip for the first time, we were nervous, but she behaved wonderfully and we had a great trip.

Tuesday Michael and I walked to the train station and went to the expo at the World Congress Center by ourselves while Malissa, Alicia, Kyle, and Graycie relaxed at the hotel. We picked up Subway sandwiches and brought them back to the room to have our pre-race meal.  Graycie still barks at noises so we didn't feel comfortable leaving her in the hotel room alone.

Wednesday morning Michael and I again walked to the train station and joined thousands of other runners heading to the race.  We got there about an hour before the start.  Here is a picture from our corral at the wheelchair start.

Construction was everywhere, but they did a great job and it wasn't an issue.
I left our goal pace up to Michael.  His previous PR for a 10k was 46:23 from the Hot Chocolate 10k in Asheville, NC in January.  He originally had chosen that as his goal time, but while training he felt he could do even better and a couple of days before the race decided he wanted to be paced to beat 45 minutes.  I have a marathon four days after Peachtree, so I had hoped to take it a little easier than that, but I told him we could do it.

I ordered my temporary tattoo from Taz Running, here is what it looked like:

So that was our plan.  When we passed the first mile marker, Michael didn't see it but he heard my watch beep.  He was very surprised and asked "Are we already at mile 1?".

Same exact reaction at miles 2 and 3. He said he was feeling great and acted like he wanted to go faster.  I told him to be patient, and wait to see how he felt after the first couple of hills.

Miles 4 and 5 are slightly uphill and he still felt good but no longer wanted to try and push it.  When we turned on to 10th Street (approx. mile 5.75), he was shocked that the race was almost over.  I told him he could run whatever pace he wanted from then on.  He immediately took off.  After he got a bit in front of me, I decided I'd try to surprise him and keep up.  I couldn't do it.

When I was really close to the finish line I looked at my watch and saw that I only had  20 seconds until 45 minutes.  I full out sprinted that last 20 seconds to cross the line at EXACTLY 44:59.  Michael had finished just ahead at 44:45.

I'm so proud of Michael! Out of 1,044 people 14 & under, he placed 16th! By the time he's 14, I have no doubt he can win that division. He beat his PR by a minute and a half, beat his time from last year's Peachtree by almost 4 minutes.

Here are our splits:

I love the Peachtree Road Race, it is so well organized and so much fun.  If I keep getting in, I'll keep coming back.

Kyle and Alicia wait for us to pass


  1. can’t believe i missed yall again! and i was in A. congrats to both of you on an awesome race!

    1. Thanks, sorry we missed you again. Good job on your race also.