Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 Lake Wylie Splash Dash 10k

June 13, 2015 8:00 AM
Lake Wylie, South Carolina

I went by myself, didn't take any pictures.  I couldn't find any race organizer pictures, either.

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Owen 45:19 7:18 M40-44 2/7 3/33 3/52 364

Written by Owen:

I think this is the first race ever where I have no photographic evidence that a race took place.  I drove down to do this race by myself and failed to take even a single selfie.

This was a small race which was a 5k/10k.  The bibs were the same and the starting line and start time were the same for both races.  There was a turnoff point at about a half-mile where the 5k'ers turned off.  So until that point, I had no idea I was in the lead of the 10k.  I watched every runner in front of me peel off.

I looked behind me and I was distancing myself from everyone.  The car showing the way was actually for me.  That had never happened before.  I led all the way until about mile 5, then started to run out of gas.  A couple of guys passed me with about a half-mile to go.

It was a pretty fun experience leading a race, and the course was beautiful.  Much hillier than I had planned for, though.  There was no course map so I had no idea what to expect.

My garmin data:

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