Friday, July 4, 2014

2014 Peachtree Road Race 10k

July 4, 2014 7:30 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 41:30 6:41 M0-14 10/1,065 702/28,478 786/57,171 1482
Owen 43:57 7:04 M35-39 143/3,133 1,139/28,478 1,309/57,171 C12233
Malissa 1:14:35 12:00 F30-34 1,973/3,597 13,354/28,693 32,154/57,171 H31204

Written by Owen:

This race is one of our favorites, year after year.  This was our fourth straight year traveling to Atlanta for the world's biggest 10k.  Up until this year, it has always just been Michael and me running it.  This year Malissa wanted to run it, so we left Kyle and Alicia with Opa and Neina, and made the trip with just the three of us.

Thursday, July 3rd, we drove to Spencer, NC, to drop off Kyle and Alicia.  They were excited for a day with Opa and Neina.  It made the trip to Atlanta a lot longer, since it was 35 minutes in the opposite direction.  So after a little more than an hour of driving, we were back at our exit on I-85.

Starting our trip

Traffic was pretty bad on the way down there.  Twice there was a minor fender-bender that caused rubbernecking, which caused a huge traffic jam.  Each of those cost us about a half-hour.  Then when we finally made it to Atlanta, there was really bad traffic.  But we made it in plenty of time for the expo.

Note the speed (traffic jam), and temperature.  Don't notice the filth :)

At the expo, we picked up our numbers. Then we saw a line of people waiting at the Reebok booth to make a video and decided to do it.  They made us a cool flip book that shows the video on paper, and gave us the actual video also:

Michael at one of the booths grabbing for prizes.

We walked the entire expo, sampling all the products, and browsing.  After the expo, we drove to our hotel.  We stayed at the W Hotel in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.  The race start was a block up the street which was really nice.  Parking is super expensive, so I actually used valet parking, which I never do (literally never have before).  I could get used to that level of service, it was really nice.

Our treat to hold us over until dinner.

I had made dinner/movie reservations at AMC Fork & Screen.  It's the same theater Michael and I went to last year.  It's near the start also, and they serve you dinner while the movie is playing.  It wasn't until 8:30 PM so we walked to the nearby mall and had a treat at Sprinkles.  Then at 8:00 we walked to the theater, we saw "Edge of Tomorrow" and really enjoyed it (the movie and the food).

By the time the movie was over and we walked back to the hotel, it was after 10pm.  We were pretty sleep deprived, and had to get up early for the race, so we went to bed.

Friday (4th of July), we woke up and got ready for the race.  We walked to the start, 

Before the start.

Michael and me before the start.

Malissa before the start

Last year at the Scream Half-Marathon, my goal was to finish in under 1:33 so I could qualify for the sub-corral at Peachtree.  I worked so hard for all 13.1 miles, and did it.  I was so glad I was going to be starting up with Michael.  Well, when I got my confirmation email a couple of weeks before Peachtree, they said my corral was C.  I was devastated.  I emailed them but never got a response.  So I started in the C corral like a good boy.

So I made it a goal to run Peachtree in 41:59, which would qualify me for 2015's Peachtree sub-corral in their race with no doubt.

When the race started, I spent the first aggravating quarter mile trying to weave past all of the slower runners, which caused me to be 20 seconds or so behind my goal pace, and used a ton of energy.  For the next three miles I stayed on pace, but could tell I was not going to make it. I altered my plan and decided to try and break my 10k PR which was 43:13 from over two years ago at the Hot Chocolate 10k.  

I weaved in and out of literally thousands of slower runners, but still very much enjoyed it.  Certainly not the ideal conditions to try and PR, but I crossed the line at 43:57.  Not a PR, but I did continue the streak of improving each Peachtree performance, by beating last year's time by 30 seconds.

Just before the finish line.
I knew Michael had already finished, since he started at the absolute front in the sub-corral.  Feeling like I did, using every ounce of energy that I had, I just knew that my time was going to be better than Michael's, so I was preparing myself to make him feel better about his time even though I beat him.  He is very competitive and I just new he'd be disappointed.

I found him in the family meeting area, at the "L" balloon as planned.  I asked him what his time was.  When he said "41:41" (more than two minutes FASTER than me), I was SHOCKED and thrilled.  That is a new family 10k record, and qualifies him already for next year's sub-corral.

In the Male 14 & Under division, there were 1,065 runners. Michael placed 10th! Of the nine that beat him, eight of them were 14 years old, which means they won't be in that division next year. The one remaining kid, beat Michael by one second! Michael and that kid were racing to the finish line, and the PA announcer did play by play to the thousands of spectators. The kid had more gas in the tank and beat Michael at the tape. Next year, I think Michael may get his revenge.

Michael did the "Superman" for his brother, Kyle.

Working hard

Michael and I waited for Malissa to finish back at the "L" balloon.  She arrived exactly when we expected her, because she stuck to her plan and finished very close to her goal of 1:13:00.  She also enjoyed the race a ton.

Malissa snapped this picture of the park immediately after she finished.

An annual tradition

We did it!
After the race, we walked the 1.5 miles to the train station, and headed back to the hotel.  I've now stayed at the start and the finish, and definitely prefer to stay at the finish.  That was a long walk!

We showered, checked out of the hotel, and drove home in time for a great Independence Day dinner with Opa and Neina.

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention Michael's mug.  After he finished he was handed a little card that showed he finished in the top 1,000.  It was redeemable at Sports Authority for a mug and a $10 gift certificate.  We picked it up on our  way out of Atlanta.  Michael's super proud of it, and I'm proud of him.  I have a new goal for next year :)

Michael earned this "Top 1,000 Finisher" mug
We decided next year we will all drive down to Atlanta. Michael is going to try and win his division, I will run with Alicia, and Malissa will run/walk with Kyle.  I'm already looking forward to it.

Michael's Garmin data:

Owen's Garmin data:

Malissa's Garmin data:


  1. i can't believe I missed yall!! I'm surprised they didn't email you back..i had the same issue and just brought my proof and ended up in A. you and I had the exact same time :) Michael is a machine! Did yall go get his mug? They are prized possessions around here. It's my goal to be top 1000 one day! :)glad yall had fun!

    1. Thanks for reminding me of the mug, I meant to mention that in the blog, I just updated it above with a picture. Congrats on your 10k PR, that is impressive. You should find a cooler, flatter, less crowded 10k route and you'll shatter it.