Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 King Tiger 5k

June 21, 2014 7:30 AM
Charlotte, North Carolina

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 20:14 6:31 M1-14 1/37 25/232 26/444 607
Owen and Graycie 21:37 6:58 M35-39 6/31 38/232 51/444 211
Alicia 31:44 10:13 F1-14 7/21 84/212 230/444 211
Kyle 34:13 11:01 M1-14 20/37 173/232 286/444 211
Malissa 35:17 11:21 F30-34 23/29 122/212 309/444 211

Written by Owen:

This race is a really fun race that we've done several times.  It is really close to our house.  This year I decided I would run it with Graycie.  It had only been 5 days since my marathon in Maine, and it was really hot, so I knew competing for a PR was out of the question.

During packet pickup, I asked the organizers if they allowed people to run with their dogs. I had seen people do it in years past, but wasn't sure if they were just breaking the rules or if it was officially allowed.  They said they were allowed, but asked that I start near the back and be mindful that some people are afraid of dogs.

Graycie can't wait!

I lined up at the back, when the gun went off and all the people started running, Graycie couldn't understand why we weren't going.  Once everyone had crossed the start, we took off.  When I train with Graycie, we are by ourselves, so Graycie relies on me to know which way we're running.  During this race, with all the people in front of us running, she knew exactly where to go and made it her goal to pass as many people as we could.

We stayed way left of everyone else.  Especially at first, we were passing people by the hundreds.  I could not run fast enough, Graycie had tension on the leash the entire time.  It was actually nice up the hills, she was pulling me.  I'm always curious how fast I would have to be for her not to be able to keep up. I really enjoyed running the race with her, and we had no issues with other runners.

Michael had a really good time.  He was only 31 seconds off of his PR, on a really tough course in the heat.  He took first out of 37 boys 14 & under.  He even beat the 17 year old that he's racing in the GPX series (who had beat Michael in each of the previous two 5k's), which added to his lead for 1st place in the 19 & under division.

Alicia, Kyle, Malissa, Katie (Alicia's friend), and Lynne (Malissa's friend and Katie's mom) also ran the race and everybody enjoyed it.

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