Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Run the Creek 5k

March 17, 2012 7:00 AM
Charlotte, NC

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 20:47 6:41 M8-10 1/14 13/192 14/440 192
Alicia 36:07 11:37 F1-7 2/6 131/248 283/440 190
Kyle 37:42 12:08 M8-10 11/14 156/192 302/440 189
Malissa 37:45 12:09 F25-29 18/28 147/248 304/440 191

Written by Malissa

We signed up for this race a few months ago to run with our friends to celebrate a year of running together. Owen planned to run with Alicia, I planned to run with Kyle, and Michael planned to smoke us all. A few weeks after we signed up, Owen decided to run the Atlanta Marathon. We planned to speed down to Atlanta right after the 5k was over just in time for Owen to pick up his race packet for the marathon the next day. Last week Owen was given the opportunity to help the Thunder Road Marathon with their booth at the Atlanta Expo. Since the expo was on Friday and Saturday, Owen went down to Atlanta by himself.

Saturday morning we woke up, got dressed in green, and headed out the door for the 5k. The race started and finished at the kids' school, just a short walk from our house.

 When we arrived at the school they had chalk set out by the finish line to write encouraging messages for the runners. Since Owen was in Atlanta, Alicia wanted to run with her friend, Jhanvi. While we waited for Jhanvi to arrive we were walking around and found some of the kids' friends.

Kyle and his buddy Hudson
The last 5k Kyle and I ran, I pushed him too hard at the end and he hasn't been that interested in running since. He says he still likes running but I can just tell that he lost his spark. I decided going into this race I was just there for moral support. I told him ahead of time just let me know when you want to walk or need to take a break. In our practice running at the track he has only been running a lap or two so I figured we would probably walk most of the race and as long as he was having fun, I was ok with that.

The course was out and back and full of small rolling hills. When we got to the top of the first hill I looked at my watch and was surprised at how fast our pace was. Kyle ran the first mile in 12:15. He walked for a few seconds right around the 1st mile marker.

It was probably about a mile and half that we saw Michael running back. Michael was running with 18-30 year old men. I thought it was so cute that he yelled good job to Kyle.

At the first water stop we hear, "Hey Kyle, you're doing good!" It was Hailee, a girl from his class. He had the biggest grin on his face and I think he even picked up his pace a little. He ran the second mile in 11:55. This was one of my favorite 5ks and I think a lot that had to do with all the people that were cheering us on. I feel so lucky to live in such a great running community. Another fan called out Kyle's number and said, "You're doing such a great job. You're not even sweating!" Kyle replies back, "I may not be sweating on the outside but I am seating on my brain!" We looped back around to the water station and Hailee yelled again, "You're doing great Kyle. Keep it up!" Again, another smile on his face.

Close to the three mile marker I can see Jhanvi and Alicia running. They were just a little in front of us so I yelled to get their attention. I see Alicia turn to Jhanvi, say something, and then they take off running. Alicia later told me when she saw us. She told Jhanvi they needed to run faster!!

On the last mile we walked a little but still had a great mile, 12:06. Our friends Elisa and Doris were waiting to cheer us on the last tenth of a mile. When we got to the finish line Viloki, Michael, Alicia, and Jhanvi were all cheering. By far this was Kyle's best race, he even PR'ed!

Alicia had fun running with Jhanvi and a bunch of other kids from school. She took second place in her division!

Michael enjoyed his run, he won some new Brooks shoes, and won 1st place in his age division!

I'm already looking forward to running in this race again next year!!


  1. congrats to everyone! i look forward to seeing everyone next weekend :)

  2. Thanks, we're looking forward to it also.