Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 NC Half-Marathon at Charlotte Motor Speedway

March 25, 2012 7:30 AM
Charlotte, NC

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Owen 1:42:34 7:50 M35-39 17/160 93/895 108/1790 958

Written by Owen:

This race didn't really fit into my schedule.  I had just run the Publix Georgia Marathon 7 days earlier, but this race was just too cool to pass up.  Since this race was right in my back yard almost, there was a lot less build-up to it.  I had focused so much on the marathon, that this race snuck up on me.

Saturday we went to the expo together as a family.  Wow, were we terribly disappointed.  I had almost paid $600 for Taz Running to be a vendor at the Expo.  I decided against it since I would be running, I didn't want to be on my feet the whole day before.  I was so glad I didn't waste that money because this expo was really small.  In fact, you can't even call it an expo, it was packet pickup with a couple people selling shirts.

When I registered for this race I remembered making the comment that at least parking won't be a problem, since the speedway is setup to handle hundreds of thousands of fans, it could easily accommodate a half-marathon.  Parking was the single biggest problem for this race.  They funneled everyone into one parking lot, when race time arrived, there were still hundreds of cars in line trying to get into the parking lot.  So it was a late start.

Before the start

Anxious runners waiting for the start
This was the inaugural event for this race so everyone was understanding while they worked out the bugs.  My biggest complaint, however, was their disrespect to the National Anthem.  The volume was so low, that a lot of people didn't even realize it was going on for the first couple of lines, and even after the crowd finally showed respect, they still had some stupid Britney Spears song blaring over the speakers the entire time!

The race finally started and was pretty uneventful.  I loved the course.  I very much enjoy NASCAR, so running on the track was really fun.  We ran a full lap around the Charlotte Motor Speedway, then through the infield, out the tunnel, around the outside of it, across the street around the dirt track, up and down the entire drag strip, then back into the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the finishing miles.

Because of my feet problems and I've been sick the past couple of days, I decided to take it easy again, but I'm competitive so I didn't take it as easy as I had planned and came within a couple minutes of a PR.

Keeping Tony Stewart's spot warm at Victory Circle.
After the race we had some food and left without staying for most of the festivities.  I've learned I always do that.  Before each race I tell myself to stick around and enjoy everything, but inevitably I just want to get out of there right after the race.

Here's a video compilation of the race, Malissa did a great job taking the kids all over so I got to see them at multiple points throughout the race.  It's amazing how much of a boost that gives me, something I really missed in Atlanta last week.

Here's my Garmin data:

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  1. agree with everything you said about parking & the “expo”. post race wasn’t so hot either but cool course. loved the video!!