Friday, October 21, 2011

Owen's Birthday Present

Written by Owen:

Today is my birthday, so here's a quick picture of the birthday present my mom got me this year.

I really like it, and can't wait to add more bling.  My first marathon finisher's medal will be on there in three short weeks.

Birthdays have always been extra special for me because I share my birthday with my dad. Malissa framed this picture of my dad shortly after he died in 2000.  The picture is of him running his first of five St. George Marathons in 1995.  He died training for his sixth marathon on that very road in the picture.

I've had this picture in different places in different homes over the years.  It has always been special, but now that I'm running my first marathon it means a lot more.

Mom, thanks for the Race Bling display.  Malissa, thanks for the picture.  Dad, happy birthday, I miss you!

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