Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Ten Month Progress

Written by Malissa

I want to share some pictures of our progress over the past ten months. My health journey started two years ago but this past January is when Owen and I started running and when we noticed our bodies change the most, both physically and mentally. When we started running we felt better about ourselves and that has helped us make healthier eating choices.











I am so happy with our progress over these past ten months. Sometimes I forget how far we have come and then I look back at these pictures and am amazed at the difference. February's picture amazes me the most. I don't remember Owen looking like that, it looks almost fake to me, like we are wearing "fat suits".

We are almost to our goal weight. Owen has about 15 pounds left to lose and I have about 20. Now that we are getting close to our goal it is getting harder to shed the pounds. This past week we realized there are still a few issues we needed to address to helps us reach our goals. Owen eats more when he is bored and at night before bed. He usually grabs snacks that are quick and easy, not always the healthiest. We're going to try and have more fruits and vegetables on hand ready for him to eat. This time of the year it's hard to find good fruit so we stocked our freezer and fridge with a bunch of different veggies. Owen even made himself some steamed brussel sprouts the other day for a snack. I bet my mother-in-law is picking her chin off the ground right now!

I'm a little bit more complicated, I'm an emotional eater and a bit of a food binger. It seems like everything I do in life, I do it in binges; eating, exercising, cleaning, blogging, my walk with God, cooking, and even my relationships. I'm so gung-ho when I first start something but then something happens and I tend to lose interest or get bored. I've improved over the past couple of years but I know it will be something that I will always be working on. I find when I set small goals I stick with things longer. I've noticed that with running, when I have races lined up I'm the most excited about running.

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