Saturday, September 10, 2011

Malissa's Long Run Dilemma Solved

Written by Malissa

After having a horrible long run last week I decided I needed to find a running partner to help me with my long runs. 

The first person that came to my mind was my friend Joana. I texted her to see what her pace was, hoping it was faster but not too much faster than me. Come to find out she was a lot faster than me but wanted to run with me anyways. 

The first two miles felt great, averaging 11:33 and 11:54. The third mile I got a massive cramp behind the right side of my rib cage. Joana knew right away that it was from me talking too much. Because I don't normally run with anyone, I'm not use to talking while I run. So she told me to take a break from talking and focus on my breathing. That mile I averaged 13:08. The fourth, fifth, and sixth mile we picked back up the pace and averaged 11:42, 11:57, 11:34.

I'm so thankful to Joana for running with me. It was such a selfless act on her part. We were running a lot slower than what she was use to but she didn't seem to mind.  

It was my fastest long run ever and other than my cramp at the beginning, It felt great. Looks like I found my running partner!

Here's a look at last Saturday's run by myself and today's run with Joana.

last Saturday's run:

and today's run:

Such a big difference! Thanks again Joana!

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