Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Training With The Kids

Written by Malissa

The last few weeks we haven't had much time to work with Kyle and Alicia on their 5k training. We have been spending most of our time getting ready for the half marathon. With their 5k being 19 days away we knew it was time to get serious so yesterday we walked up to the middle school track to run a mile with the kids.

Kyle, Alicia, and I started running together. Early on Alicia pulled away from us. She finished her mile at 9:20. Kyle and I held hands while we ran and talked about school and his favorite computer game. I have learned that he runs best when he is talking. So, usually when he wants to stop and walk I start asking him questions and slowly he forgets walking. We finished our mile at 11:46. 

Now that Michael is done training for the half marathon he wants to work on getting his mile time down so he can beat his elementary school mile record. This is his last year in elementary school and he is determined to set a new school record. 

The school record is 6:06. Michael will have two chances to beat the record, one in the fall and the other in the spring.

Last night at the track he had a p.r. of 6:18!

picture taken from Elizabeth's blog

Meet Elizabeth. She is one of the people that stopped to talk to Michael after he finished the Park City Half Marathon. She was blown away that at 10 years old, Michael had just finished a half marathon. I remember her asking him his time and then her saying, "So, are you training for Boston next year?!". She wrote about Michael on her blog. Check it out.

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