Saturday, July 2, 2011

Firecracker 5k

July 2, 2011 8:00 AM
Huntersville, NC
Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Owen 30:45* 9:55* M35-39 29/37* 175/234* 277/471* 172
Malissa 45:37** 14:43** F25-29 29/29** 226/237** 453/471** 170
Michael 21:21 6:53 M10-12 2/15 59/234 69/471 171
Kyle 45:37 14:43 M8-9 7/8 229/234 454/471 169
Alicia 30:45 9:55 F1-7 1/1 101/237 276/471 198
*Owen paced Alicia
**Malissa paced Kyle

Written by Malissa

This morning, before we headed to Columbus Georgia, our whole family ran a 5k. Kyle and Alicia have been training for a 5k that we plan to run in September. It was going to be their first one but we came across the Firecracker 5k and loved how it had smaller age divisions. The kids were each in their own age division instead of it being 0-10, 0-13, or 0-18.

Kyle was my running buddy.

Alicia was Owen's running buddy.

And Michael was the one who was going to beat us all.

Kyle realized he needed to go to the bathroom halfway through the race. There were no bathrooms along the course and he didn't understand why we couldn't just knock on one of the many houses we passed by. I explained to him that there was a bathroom waiting for him at the finish line and that the faster we ran the faster he could use it. The poor guy was in so much pain but kept going. Here we are finishing the race. Alicia and Michael were cheering us on.

Waiting to hear who the winners are:

Alicia won first place in her age divison!

Michael won 2nd place in his age division!

Go Lillywhites!

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