Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Training For The Littles

Written by Malissa

Today Kyle and Alicia started their 5k training. They both have been asking when they will get to run 5ks with us so we signed them up for their first 5k run that will be this September.

We took them to the track to get a feel for their pace. We all started jogging together at a 14 minute pace. That was way too slow for Alicia so Owen let her jog ahead and he stayed with her. She ended up running the mile in 11 minutes and 1 second and Owen said he was holding her back. I stayed back with Kyle and spent the majority of the run helping him with his form. He walks and runs on his toes and looks down most of the time so I tried my hardest to encourage him to pick up his feet and look forward. It's going to take a lot of reminding him but I'm hoping he will catch on soon. The longest distance Kyle has ever done is a half mile (for P.E.) so he was so excited when we passed that and kept going. He is definitely a carefree runner! We spent most of our run beating up imaginary ghost runners and trying to see if we could stay on the lines. He really enjoyed himself and was so excited when he finished the mile. He finished a little before 14 minutes.

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