Saturday, July 4, 2015

2015 Peachtree Road Race 10k

July 4, 2015 7:30 AM
Atlanta, Georgia

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 40:44 6:33 M1-14 12/1,116 515/27,209 564/54,796 1599
Alicia 1:07:43 10:54 F1-14 245/934 8,793/27,587 23,187/54,796 J35290
Owen 1:07:44 10:54 M40-44 1,786/3,209 14,403/27,209 23,210/54,796 A3878
Kyle 1:25:11 13:43 M1-14 798/1,116 21,337/27,209 38,820/54,796 L43340
Malissa 1:25:11 13:43 F30-34 2,412/3,374 17,482/27,587 38,817/54,796 M47338

Written by Owen:

We look forward to running Peachtree every year.  This was the first year that all five of us ran it.  Even Graycie got to come (not run).

We stayed with Malissa's brother, Michael.

We did some sight-seeing of where the Whaley's grew up.

Inside Malissa's old classroom

This year, we skipped the Atlanta hotel and stayed with Michael in Phenix City, Alabama.  We actually slept in his neighbor's house for whom he was house sitting.  So we got up at zero-dark thirty and drove to Atlanta the morning of the race.

On the train heading to the start.
 I ran with Alicia, Malissa ran with Kyle, and Michael ran by himself.

It started raining as we were waiting for the start.  As Alicia and I were about mile 1, the lightning and thunder started.  We finished the race as normal, in the rain.  Come to find out, Malissa and Kyle, who started in a corral behind us, were forced to take shelter in the nearby mall.  So they got a very late start and ran in worse weather than we did.

I loved every minute of running with Alicia for her first 10k.  She did great!

At the finish, reunited with Michael, waiting for Malissa and Kyle
After the race, we drove back down to Columbus area and celebrated the 4th.

While staying at Michael's neighbor's house, we fell in love with one of their dogs.  She was so sweet and always wanted to be in our lap.  Michael said his neighbor was actually looking for a new home for her.  We very seriously considered it, but made the difficult decision that we needed to stay a one-dog family.

The kids were awakened by Mike's neighbor's dogs

Even Graycie was exhausted on the way home.
Michael's Garmin Data:

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