Saturday, January 25, 2014

Asheville Hot Chocolate 10k

January 25, 2014 8:55 AM
Asheville, North Carolina

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 45:51 7:23 M1-14 1/12 34/284 46/791 496
Malissa 1:13:54 11:54 F30-34 73/97 400/507 658/791 495

Written by Owen:

Michael and I ran this race back in 2012.  It is still my 10k PR to this day.  I really wanted to run it with him again this year, but Malissa wanted to run it too.  So I watched the kids (and Graycie) and cheered on Michael and Malissa.

It's a 10k, in January, in the mountains.  It was especially cold this day, getting down into the single digits.  So we bought a sweater for Graycie.  She took the "Where's Waldo?" teasing in stride.

Alicia and Graycie in the hotel before the race.
Asheville is very pet friendly, so we took Graycie with us. We drove to Asheville the night before the race and had dinner at Cracker Barrel.  We left Graycie at the hotel, hoping she would behave.  When we returned, the hotel room looked fine, I wish I had a camera in there so I could know what she did while we were gone.

We got up the next morning and drove to the start.  The course was changed a little, due to construction, which made the hill at the start and finish even longer and steeper.  No PR's today!

In the car before the race
Alicia, Kyle, and I waited in the elementary school while Michael and Malissa ran.  It was so cold outside, but luckily the school was nice and warm.

The huge hill at the finish.

Here's video:

Michael accepts his 1st place age group award.
 We had planned to do some sight-seeing in Asheville before heading home, but scrapped that when it started snowing and blowing hard just after the race.

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