Friday, March 1, 2013

Which Marathon for Nevada?

Written by Owen:

As part of my challenge to run a marathon in all 50 states plus DC, I have to choose very carefully what marathon to run in each state.  I don't want to repeat states, as I am anxious to complete this goal and don't want to "waste" a marathon on a state I've already completed.

I haven't had much trouble deciding until now.  For Nevada, there are two that I honestly can't decide between.  Here are pros and cons for each that I've compiled based on reviews from people that have run each, from my marathon preferences, etc.

We will be living in Utah at this time, so both are a convenient drive.

Pros Cons
Rock 'n' Roll
Las Vegas Marathon

  • The strip at night
  • Las Vegas is just so much fun.
  • HUGE spectator support
  • Sleep in, no early morning wake up call
  • Fremont street at night
  • Rock 'n' Roll Series (notoriously poorly organized)
  • Overcrowded
  • Half-Marathon congestion (30,000 half marathoners on poorly designed course)
  • Preparation to run at night, (when do I eat?, rest?, etc?)
  • Half of the course is very boring & isolated
Hoover Dam


  • Hoover Dam is so special to me.  My dad was an electrical engineer there for many years
  • Boulder Beach, Lake Mead start/finish line (lots of childhood memories here)
  • No auto traffic (all trail/paved walking path)
  • Stunning views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam

  • A double out-and-back course  (run 6.5 miles, come back, then do it again)
  • I would have to wait to run the Tucson Marathon until 2014, because it is Dec 7
  • Very little spectator support
  • A little too small (~200 finishers)
  • More hills (400 ft inclines four times) see here.

So now it's up to you.  I want everyone that reads this to vote, which one should I run?


  1. I convinced myself in writing this, and my wife agrees, that I am going to run the Hoover Dam Marathon.

  2. I think Hoover Dam is a great choice! Your good memories will keep you running and I bet it will be a more enjoyable race!