Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Yiasou Greek Festival 5k

August 18, 2012 7:30 AM
Charlotte, NC

Time Pace Division Division
Bib #
Michael 19:43 6:21 M11-13 1/9 52/301 58/554 196

Written by Owen:

This race was only two weeks after Michael's last 5k, where he left a little disappointed because he missed his PR by one second, and missed the family PR by five seconds.  Going in to the race today, he knew the weather was cooler, the course was flatter, and I told him to start up front. Last race he was held up by some slower runners that insist on starting at the front.  All of that, combined with his increased training, made for one amazing race.

I am continually amazed by Michael's progress.  He beat his PR by 51 seconds.  For a 5k that is a huge improvement. Here are some pictures we took, along with a video at the bottom:

Malissa took this picture, I'm in the background taking video.

Michael is accumulating a lot of 1st place awards.


  1. I love seeing all of your race posts! Way to run, Lillywhites!

  2. Thanks! I enjoy your blog too and loved Little Polka Dot takeover, super cute. ~Malissa

  3. CONGRATS Michael!! What an awesome little athlete. even though i read about yalls runs regularly, i still smile at how cool it is that yall are an “active” family. i love it.

  4. Thanks, we love it too (both being an active family and reading about yours and others).